Selection of Pottery and Porcelain in Guangdong Museum

form 2010-05-18 to


      Exhibition Information

        Collision of water, clay and ire gave rise to colorful pottery and porcelain culture. Porcelain is a treasure of humankind, and an important contribution of the Chinese nation to the world civilization. China wins its name as “Country of Porcelain”.

        As early as the Neolithic Age, Chinese ancestors had already got to know how to make and use pottery. Mature green glazed porcelain was made in the Eastern Han Dynasty. By the elapse of time, Chinese ceramic industry developed to a summit in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Porcelain had begun to export in the Tang Dynasty. A lot of pottery and porcelain arts exported from the East Sea and the South China Sea to everywhere of the world. Therefore, the oversea trade line was also named as “Road of Porcelain”.

        Ancient pottery of Guangdong had special charm. Especially, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Shiwan pottery and Kwon-glazed porcelain had enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad.