Beauty Is Gilt Wood--Chaozhou Woodcarving Art Exhibition

form 2010-05-18 to


      Exhibition Information

        Chaozhou woodcarving represents a famous school of folk woodcarving in china,with great popularity in the Eastern Guangdong areas historically under the jurisdiction of Chaozhou Prefecture including Chaozhou,chao'an,Raoping,Shantou,Chenghai,Chaoyang,Jieyang and Puning.

        Chaozhou woodcarving enjoys a longstanding history with distinctive local characteristics. This form of art is famous for its richness and subtlety of details, delicate and elaborate designs, exquisite craftsmanship and grand look. The magnificent utensils in various shapes, the decorative patterns with rich sense of life and profound representation of local culture, the delicate and microscopic carving and the splendid and glorious lacquering and foil coating, are all vivid embodiment of the custom, fashion, culture and spirit of the Chaozhou-shantou people, displaying its unique charm and enchanting elegance.